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Stories are powerful.

Stories are fascinating. Stories are inspiring. Stories connect us. Stories show our common humanity. Do you have a story you want to share with the world? Do you want to find out how powerful storytelling can help your business?

I love


I love storytelling – especially the inspiring kind.

Photography is my tool for exploring the world, and sharing stories about entrepreneurs, businesses, and non-profits. Stories are all around us, and with my expertise in photography, writing, and editing,  I serve my clients with an exceptional tool for sharing their story in a way that is empowering and inspiring. It helps them connect with their audience at a deeper level, and have more impact in the world.

Photo Story for non-profit on Arlie Smith who does not let cancer or multiple sclerosis keep him from raising money for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital

Photo Story on entrepreneur John Krause, founder of Big House Beans 

Read what a few of my clients have to say…

“The story Shriti put together and the video left me blown away. It was like I was watching something from 60 minutes or 20/20. You would think it took a team of people to put together such quality work. This was so well done I feel like it was written about somebody else. I cannot thank her enough for helping me in the quest that matters most to me in life.”

Arlie Smith

“Shriti takes beautiful photos and will work with you to create the perfect picture. It is very convenient that she will come to your home, and her personal service is unparalleled!”

Lynn Couture

“I am thrilled with the quality of the photographs from our family photoshoot. When you delivered the canvases, I couldn’t wait to hang them. Your service is impeccable and please do not hesitate to use me as a client reference any time in the future. Thank you!!!”

Tresenia Griffin

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