The Power of Knowing & Sharing Your “WHY”

Here’s the link to Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk (one of my favorites):

A perfect example of knowing and sharing your WHY is the most recent Photo Story I did on Candyce Pirtle-Smalls, Founder of Fit in Her Kitchen. She shares how her own journey of weight loss became her WHY for starting her business and helping others. Watch it here:

“I can’t give enough stars. Shriti has a unique gift and purpose. She is very professional and delivers high-end stories. Before hiring In Pursuit of Pictures my small business was lacking pictures and story. Since then, I’m excited to share my transformation and story with the world. Shriti has a vision that comes ALIVE behind her camera. If you need your story to be shared and not sure how to go about growing your business talk to Shriti. You will not be disappointed. Fit In Her Kitchen Story is POWERFUL. Thank you In Pursuit of Pictures.”

Candyce Pirtle-Smalls, Founder Fit in her Kitchen

The Power of Storytelling helps your Purpose-driven Business

5 reasons why you should use the power of storytelling to help grow your business in 2018:

  1. Stories Build Trust We do business with those we trust, and sharing the story of your business builds that trust. We buy products and services based on trust, and we donate to charities based on trust that our donations will make a difference. When we share the story of the purpose behind our business, it shows that we are taking the steps to build that trust with our clients.
  2. Stories Stick in our Memory We may forget about a product or service or its features, but if it is tied to a story, chances are it will stick. We often remember things that are woven into a story.
  3. Stories Set You Apart In the business world, everyone is trying to differentiate themselves from their competition. The story of your business is unique, and the easiest way to set yourself apart is to share that story — and trust me, no two stories are the same.
  4. Stories Engage & Connect In today’s world it is crucial for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and businesses to connect with their clients at a deeper level. Stories help do just that. Increasingly clients and customers who do business with purpose-driven companies are looking for that deeper connection and engagement.
  5. Stories Inspire Don’t we all just love that? When we come across an entrepreneur or a business that inspires? Aren’t we looking for that, especially in a purpose-driven business? What inspiring story does your business have that will attract loyal clients? And are you sharing it in a powerful Photo Story?

Local San Ramon business Lachica Orthodontics making a difference!

So excited to share Photo Story for the San Ramon Chamber on a local San Ramon business Lachica Orthodontics making a difference!

And truly grateful for this testimonial:

“Shriti, l love what you’ve created!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel truly blessed that you were able to summarize my passion, artistically and beautifully, in a piece as powerful as this.” –Dr. Margarita Lachica, Lachica Orthodontics.