Props and Pets can be SO much fun!!

I often encourage my clients to bring props to their Portrait Sessions, especially things that are important to them. It was SO much fun photographing these girls with their dolls. It was a lot of fun for them too – and a perfect age to capture the special joy they share with their dolls!!

And if you have pets, a custom Portrait Session like this can include your furry family members as well! Double the fun!!


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Engagement Session at a Winery in Livermore

When my clients approached me to do their Engagement Session at a Winery, I was super-excited! I scouted wineries in Livermore to find the perfect setting for their Session. Romantic and relaxed, it was exactly the experience they were looking for!

And the Dog

They also wanted to have their dog included in some of the pictures, so we headed to a park nearby afterwards for portraits with their beloved four-legged furry pet – Barney. I often incorporate different locations to give my clients the custom session and experience they are looking for.


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When clients ask me if they can include their pet in the family portraits I always say “Yes”! Even though I am not always super comfortable around pets (and I am getting better at it :)) I realize the importance of including pets in Family Portraits. They are an important part of the family, and it’s always more fun for the kids and makes the Photo Shoot more relaxed with a pet dog or cat around. Everyone interacts with or wants to hold them, and their furry cuteness adds another element to the portraits.

I love the detail in the girl’s hair with her beautiful braid! Small attention to detail makes such a big difference in the portraits. I think my favorite photograph from this Photo Shoot is the mother-daughter shot and of course the close-up of the kids holding their dog. You can bet that it is their favorite too, and the one they will want to put up on the wall in their room!

“Be Extraordinary!”