Local San Ramon business Lachica Orthodontics making a difference!

So excited to share Photo Story for the San Ramon Chamber on a local San Ramon business Lachica Orthodontics making a difference!

And truly grateful for this testimonial:

“Shriti, l love what you’ve created!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel truly blessed that you were able to summarize my passion, artistically and beautifully, in a piece as powerful as this.” –Dr. Margarita Lachica, Lachica Orthodontics. 

Arlie’s Fundraiser 2016

This Photo Story on Arlie Gino Smith and his wife Shari Smith – is a story of inspiration at many levels. When I found out last year that Arlie had been diagnosed with cancer and multiple sclerosis, and had been fundraising for the last 20 years, I felt compelled to share his story. I did so last year as a Blog post, and this year I am sharing a new photo story on him in video format.

Please help Arlie raise money for UCSF Children’s Hospital Oakland. Visit www.UCSFkids.org to donate.
You can also Friend him on Facebook – Arlie Gino Smith.
Thank You!

Adam Burn – A Photo Story Video

So excited to share Photo Stories in a new format! Check out Adam Burn’s video. Thank you Adam for sharing your story and inspiration. And thank you Tom Voss for everything you do for Project Welcome Home TroopsLove doing stories like this!