Stand out from your Competition by sharing your Story

Nothing sets us apart from our competition as our story. Become masterful at sharing your story to beat your competition because your journey and your business is unique.

Build more Influence by sharing your Story

Entrepreneurs and businesses owners are leaders and often looking to grow their reach and influence. Leverage the power of storytelling to grow your influence. Share it when you speak and give presentations. Find out what the power of storytelling can do for your purpose and your business.

The Power of Knowing & Sharing Your “WHY”

Here’s the link to Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk (one of my favorites):

A perfect example of knowing and sharing your WHY is the most recent Photo Story I did on Candyce Pirtle-Smalls, Founder of Fit in Her Kitchen. She shares how her own journey of weight loss became her WHY for starting her business and helping others. Watch it here:

“I can’t give enough stars. Shriti has a unique gift and purpose. She is very professional and delivers high-end stories. Before hiring In Pursuit of Pictures my small business was lacking pictures and story. Since then, I’m excited to share my transformation and story with the world. Shriti has a vision that comes ALIVE behind her camera. If you need your story to be shared and not sure how to go about growing your business talk to Shriti. You will not be disappointed. Fit In Her Kitchen Story is POWERFUL. Thank you In Pursuit of Pictures.”

Candyce Pirtle-Smalls, Founder Fit in her Kitchen