The Moments in Between…

We all have a vision of how our perfect family portrait should be. The perfectly coordinated clothing, the perfect smiles, the perfect location, the perfect lighting, and of course the perfect hair! We stress much about it before the Portrait Session and by the time we are into the Session, we have tried everything on our kids (whether they are 3 or 13) — the bribes, the threats, the treats — anything to make them cooperate, smile naturally and behave. “Just for this one picture, please!,” we desperately beg them! Yes, I am guilty of it as much as anyone else.

And then the magic happens! We see the pictures, and the meltdowns and the tantrums are forgotten. For me, capturing the “moments in between” the “perfect” family shot is just as important. I like to create a variety of shots and the formal family shot is just one of them. I often let the kids take a break during the Session and play or run around, and let them be kids. It gives them and their parents a breather from constantly being in front of the camera. They play in the play structure or run around happy, and we finally get the smiles we were hoping for! In this session, I let the kids play with the Fall leaves and roll on the grass. After all, this is what we want to remember most of their childhood, don’t we?

“If you can let go of the imperfection, perfection will appear by itself.” — Sri Sri


I always encourage my clients to include props in some of the portraits – things that are important or of significance to their kids or family, or sometimes just fun things that bring a smile to our faces. For this Portrait Session, my client brought these big, colorful lollipops and asked if we can include them, and of course I loved the idea! We saved them for the end of the session as a special surprise for the kids. That way we didn’t have to worry about lollipop-soaked lips or clothes in all the pictures.

And what a great time they had licking them away! 🙂 It really brought this fun, childhood element to the photographs that we all want to remember of our kids. They are the most adorable shots. It was so easy to make a collage of these photographs and the ones the clients chose to put up on their wall.

“To offer no resistance to life is to be in a state of grace, ease, and lightness.” — Eckhart Tolle


When clients ask me if they can include their pet in the family portraits I always say “Yes”! Even though I am not always super comfortable around pets (and I am getting better at it :)) I realize the importance of including pets in Family Portraits. They are an important part of the family, and it’s always more fun for the kids and makes the Photo Shoot more relaxed with a pet dog or cat around. Everyone interacts with or wants to hold them, and their furry cuteness adds another element to the portraits.

I love the detail in the girl’s hair with her beautiful braid! Small attention to detail makes such a big difference in the portraits. I think my favorite photograph from this Photo Shoot is the mother-daughter shot and of course the close-up of the kids holding their dog. You can bet that it is their favorite too, and the one they will want to put up on the wall in their room!

“Be Extraordinary!”