Shriti was interviewed for Business Innovators Radio about using photo stories as a branding tool for entrepreneurs and businesses.

( — June 10, 2016) San Ramon, California — California based In Pursuit of Pictures announced the creation of a new website to promote the use of Photo Stories as a branding and marketing tool. The company owner, Shriti Bhandari, believes this is an avenue that has not been tapped to it’s full potential. “The power of photography and story-telling has a huge potential to help businesses grow,” she says. “Many successful companies – both big or small – use stories to market to their customers and build brand loyalty. We can do so much more in that arena, and in a very compelling way.”

The new site at stresses the importance of Photo Stories to help build instant rapport and establish an emotional connection with an audience. Photo stories are personal, and can be very inspirational. “Stories connect us on a human level that is much deeper,” says Shriti. “I especially love photographing people and companies that are making a positive difference in our world.”
Photo Stories can help a wide range of clients and companies. “They can highlight an individual, a company, or an employee,” Shriti says. They can also be very useful for non-profit organizations which can use Photo Stories to gain support and raise money for their cause. “I am super-exited about presenting these stories in a video format that makes them accessible at the click of a button,” she says.

In Pursuit of Pictures is a company that is big on giving, and not just through Photo Stories. Ten percent of its profits go back to the local community via different charities. In Pursuit of Pictures is a member of the San Ramon Chamber of Commerce as well as the Professional Photographers of America.

About In Pursuit of Pictures

After getting a Bachelors Degree in 1994, Shriti went on to earn a Masters Degree in Photojournalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She then worked as a Picture Editor in Communications at National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C., and started her own company in 2009 after taking a break to start a family. Shriti does Portrait work as well and says, “I love photography, and am blessed to do something I love.” To learn more about Shriti Bhandari and her work, visit the new website for In Pursuit of Pictures.

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