3 steps to creating an amazing Photo Wall with the “Wow” factor!

I always tell my clients that one of the rewards of investing in custom photography is to go for the “wow” factor when creating a Photo Wall. My goal is that anyone walking into the room should say, “Wow, that looks amazing!!”

Here are 3 steps to create that beautiful Photo Wall:

1. Wall Collections or Grouping

A Wall Grouping of at least 3 or more photographs has more impact than just one photograph. Wall Groupings are fun to create and is my favorite way to display photographs from a Family Portrait Session. I keep that in mind when photographing too so that there is enough variety of shots to choose from. A Wall Grouping can be from one session, or if you have the wall space, you can build on it over the years with photographs from different stages of your and your kids lives. I have one in our Media Room with space to grow so that I can add more photographs to it as my kids grow. Also, having one photograph larger and more dominant than the others, creates more interest. You can hang the pictures symmetrical or asymmetrical depending on your style. Canvases are my personal favorite, but framed wall art works just as well.

2. Size Up

Yes, size matters. Most of the time we are used to 8×10″ prints or smaller and even an 11×14″ seems huge. But displaying your photographs in a larger size has a huge impact, so go over your comfort zone and choose a 12×18″ or 16×24″ (or even larger if you have the wall space). You will be glad you did! I bring sample sizes and a tape measure, measure my clients’ wall space, and make suggestions based on it. Keep viewing distance in mind when deciding on the size. How close will someone have to get to see the photographs properly and everyone’s expressions?

3. Combine Words and Pictures

I love the combination of words and Pictures, and have used it in my home. It can be an inspiring quote or sentimental line that just brings the whole space together. I ordered mine from, a great resource for creatives. They are vinyl peel-and-stick which can be customized and do not damage the wall.

4. Wall Paint Color & Lighting

Yes, I decided to throw in an extra bonus tip which will greatly enhance your Photo Wall if you have the budget for it. The wall color on which you display the photographs has a huge impact as does the lighting on that wall. Painting an accent wall is not that expensive and you can combine it with other home projects. And if you can install track lights or replace existing recess lights with directional eyeball lights to focus on the photographs, voila! you have yourself an amazing Photo Wall!

So there you have it, follow these steps and create your very own wow-worthy Photo Wall. Or if you already have one you would like to share, send me a picture of it, and I will add it to this post. Thank You!

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