In Black & White

Every now and then, it is so good to see the world in black and white. No distraction of color, powerful, and in its pure element.



Props and Pets can be SO much fun!!

I often encourage my clients to bring props to their Portrait Sessions, especially things that are important to them. It was SO much fun photographing these girls with their dolls. It was a lot of fun for them too – and a perfect age to capture the special joy they share with their dolls!!

And if you have pets, a custom Portrait Session like this can include your furry family members as well! Double the fun!!


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A Surprise for Dad or (Mom)!

Portrait Sessions as Birthday Gifts!

Portrait Sessions are great gifts for moms and dads, and the significant other in your life. Like looking like a superhero? One of my clients was just that — when she planned an entire Photo Shoot of her two kids, selected the products, had a canvas made for her husband’s office, and presented it to him on his birthday! As a Surprise!!

I love it when my clients plan a Portrait Session as a surprise! What a great birthday gift!! And then she sent me this awesome testimonial: (which makes her even more of a superhero…)

“The photographs look wonderful! My husband said the one of Justin leaning on the post is one of the best pictures of him ever. He really was positively present, happy and relaxed for that shoot and that never happens. Thanks again for the lovely session.”
vuletic_dsc8994-edit  vuletic_dsc9517-edit vuletic_dsc9705-edit Kids Portraits
Kids Portraits