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What if…

I recently photographed a family in which the dad had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. They wanted Family Portraits done before his chemotherapy, as they were not sure how much time he has. When I met him, if I had not known his condition or aware of how quickly it was progressing, I would not have even guessed that anything was ailing him.

These are the times when I am even more grateful for how I touch people’s lives. And whether we like it or not, we are faced with our own mortality. And the inevitable question – “What if? What if…this was their last Family Portrait Session?” Such times force us to pause and examine our limited time on this planet, and how we are choosing to spend it.

I absolutely loved working with them to create these beautiful memories – especially of the boys with their father – in a place that was special to them, where they often come to climb trees, goof off, play around (with grass swords), and spend time with each other.